Looks like we'll be celeb-spotting in Saudi Arabia in the near future!

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry revealed in a press conference in Riyadh today that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are in talks for increasing cultural exchange between the two countries.

He said that Pakistan wished to participate in Saudi Arabia's cultural revival and is willing to support its newly established performing arts academies by sharing the expertise of our actors, directors and other artists like calligraphers.

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He also announced that the Pakistani government will make arrangements for the Arabic dubbing of local TV dramas to facilitate their export to Saudi Arabia. He added that Saudi Airlines is being approached for the inclusion of Pakistani dramas as part of the in-flight entertainment.

Chaudhry further revealed that a large mela for Pakistani expats will be held in Saudi Arabia in April, which local artistes will attend. The Pakistani community will have a lot to see and enjoy, he promised.

Saudi Arabia is making efforts to reinvigorate its entertainment sector as part of a sweeping socioeconomic reforms plan called Vision 2030. In the past year, cinemas have reopened in the country and concerts and fashion weeks have also become part of the cultural calendar.