People on social media are speaking out against the toxic side of Pakistan's rishta culture

Published 25 Mar, 2019 08:10pm

Images Staff

Does our local rishta culture actually degrade a person's self worth? Twitter seems to think so

In Pakistan, we seem to have a formula for successful marriages. Never mind that it hasn't exactly proven to be effective or true.

The suitability of both men and women as spouses is gauged based on a narrow criteria of looks, wealth and perceived attitudes — a criteria that diminishes their humanity and instead serves to perpetuate our culture's traditional gender roles.

But these young people are here to say that they've had it:

Like this woman who points out that rishta set-ups need to be seen as a toxic, unhealthy exercise:

And this man who feels rishta culture needs to make allowances for the to-be couple to get to know each other:

This woman says degrading women over a certain age needs to end:

This guy talked about where our obsession with appearance stems from:

This young woman's personal experience underscores the fact that that's not okay:

Do we really want to make our life decisions based on snap judgments? Read this woman's experience

This woman talks about how her personal growth is hindered by rishta culture