Azfar Rehman explains what exactly is a 'Chhalawa' in latest interview

Azfar Rehman explains what exactly is a 'Chhalawa' in latest interview

Rehman stars as the lead actor in Wajahat Rauf's curiously titled rom-com
25 Mar, 2019

Wajahat Rauf's upcoming feature boasts big names such as Mehwish Hayat but it will also be Azfar Rehman's debut as the main lead.

In conversation with Images, Rehman revealed he is excited to be doing his first feature film.

According to the actor, the film is about "this boy who is working in an advertisement agency and has a great life. He is love with a girl and is a generally happy-go-lucky person but now there are some complications and now he has to win back his love. How he does it, that's what the film's about."

While Rehman's description of the movie lets us know what to expect, we couldn't resist asking why the film's name is Chhalawa. After all, what is a Chhalawa?

"Chhalawa is basically a jinn's child that's all over the place and we say love is like a chhalawa that suddenly hits you and has you involved in a matter that you weren't expecting to be a part of. And you'll have to watch the film to know who or what the actual chhalawa is in our story."

According to Rehman, "It's a romantic comedy with great songs, great dances, some great comic moments along with some drama and even some fights, so it's a complete package. We've tried our best with it and hope people will enjoy it."

He adds, "I have high expectations from this movie because we've made this movie keeping the audience in mind and keeping Eid in mind."

Chhalawa is slated to release this Eid-ul-Fitr.