Looks like Hareem Farooq will spend March 23 not in Pakistan, but in Paris!

The Parchi producer/actor will be representing Pakistan at L'Oréal's 110th anniversary, where she will attend dinners and events involving the brand's top stylists over the course of three days.

"It's an honour to represent Pakistan," said Hareem to Images. "It really feels amazing that my work has gotten me to a place where I can take my country's flag to international platforms."

Hareem hopes to squeeze in some time for sightseeing during her trip: "Paris is so full of culture, food and so much more, so would love to go about town!"

And while she's a light traveller, Hareem makes sure she has the following items in her bag at all times: "My life is usually in a bag and my must carry for all travels are deodorant, sun block, moisturiser, lip balm, a hoodie and a good perfume."

"For this trip, I'll add some of my winter clothes because it’s still cold in Paris!" she added.