Karachi feels cared for again and other thoughts Adnan Malik had about the PSL

Karachi feels cared for again and other thoughts Adnan Malik had about the PSL

The actor wrote down his musings about this year's PSL on Twitter and there's lots we agree with!
19 Mar, 2019

Pakistan Super League 2019 (PSL) came to a memorable end Sunday night with Quetta Gladiators scoring an easy victory against the Peshawar Zalmis.

As the cricket tournament wrapped up, actor Adnan Malik took to Twitter to share his musings on this year's PSL — and some of it is pretty spot on like when he called out the lacklustre entertainment acts: "The performances at the #HBLPSLFinal were not as exciting as we had hoped. Understandable to tone it down after what happened in #christchurch, but still putting Bagga on the minuscule platform & having Salman Ahmed play air guitar were #fails," he tweeted mincing no words!

He did give a shout-out to Pakistan's "top notch tv coverage".

"From the smart edits and nifty angles, to the cleverly staged Harley Jonty Rhodes moment, to the arrival of the international footballers and top shelf hosts, the coverage really supported the new Pakistani narrative that we are a safe & peace loving nation that’s ready for international sports events, tourism and business," he shared.

The PSL vibe is Karachi has been contagious and he's right to say the city feels different, adding, "Karachi feels like a real living, breathing city over the last few months. From the well thought out police roadblocks, to devpt of local parks, better traffic management, better security & sharply revamped stadium, the city feels cared for again. The #PSL added more vibrancy."

Malik also pointed out how nice it was for him to see our President, Dr. Arif Alvi in the bleachers with everyone else whereas Shahid Afridi was sitting behind a glass enclosure.

"My heart swelled to see the President of Pakistan @ArifAlvi sitting in the public bleachers. Also great to see the army chief & @OfficialDGISPR at the event. A strong show of unity but still can’t get over Dr. Alvi in the crowd & Lala behind protective glass," he revealed.

Read his full thread here.