A cute moment between Fawad Khan and Sadaf Khan sparked a conversation about gender roles

A cute moment between Fawad Khan and Sadaf Khan sparked a conversation about gender roles

When Fawad Khan was spotted fixing his wife's hair, people said more men should be encouraged to show their tender side
04 Mar, 2019

International superstar Fawad Khan's sister got married this weekend, and during the festivities a photographer managed to capture a cute moment between the actor and his wife Sadaf Fawad Khan.

In a short video clip the actor can be seen helping Sadaf fix her hair as they prepare to pose for a photograph. In a welcome break from conventional male attitudes that see men trying to dissociate from anything remotely feminine, Fawad was more than happy to make sure Sadaf was looking her best.

Fans reacted to the video when it was posted online, gushing over the loving moment and calling Fawad the 'perfect husbad.'

But some had a more insightful take on the whole issue, praising Fawad for showing men a new, better way to interact with their spouses.

Shahbaz Taseer took to social media to say: "It’s refreshing to have men like Fawad Khan who fight this image [of being a playboy] and don’t take pride in it. He promotes the image of a young secure educated male who respects women and leads by example. I like him, he’s a breath of fresh air for all the guys fighting to keep it hardcore."

Actor Adnan Malik spoke up as well, adding: "I think if men cultivated their sensitivity more and practiced compassion towards other men, there would be a wholesale change in society. Aggression towards women is often a result of pent up frustration because we can’t cry, be emotional, or be ‘man enough’."

Of course, with so much praise being lavished upon Fawad Khan for such a simple and human act, it also becomes clear that the bar for men has been set very low. In the recent past well-known men have been praised for the most mundane things: like when comedian Mooroo was praised for marrying a 'dark-skinned' woman.

While it's important to acknowledge any steps towards progress being made, we should also realise that we need to normalise basic human decency instead of venerating men when they demonstrate it.


rashid khan Mar 04, 2019 09:37pm
All this praise heaped on a private moment by the public is like putting the mockers on the couple. Best, private moments remain private.
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