A man's guide to celebrating International Women's Day

A man's guide to celebrating International Women's Day

Women's Day is coming soon, and we want you to be prepared!
Updated 07 Mar, 2020

International Women's Day is upon us and ladies you know what that means. And men, you clearly don't.

It's okay, we get it. It's a difficult time, where you have no idea how to maneuver in a world where women want the same importance as that of men. Heck 2018 was dubbed the year of the woman and that makes you all feel left out - even though you have 2,017 years to you but still!

March 8 is a scary day for men who don't quite understand all the hullaboo women have been creating all this time but don't worry! We're here to help you.

We have a solid guideline that'll get you through this extremely feminal day and who knows? Maybe it'll help you understand all that hullabaloo and maybe join in.

Google when International Men's Day is

This is the one time of year where men wonder "Why is there no men's day?"

Let us make it easy for you, November 19 is International Men's day. You do have a day and it's been there for a while. Now that you know, maybe you can stop making it all about you and actually move on with the celebrations. Also, you don't wanna be the guy who thinks he's brought on an excellent point only to be so easily proven wrong.

Watch a movie with a strong female lead

We have seen women take the lead in cinema and it's getting better. Whether it's action like Wonder Woman or thriller like Black Swan or drama like Hidden Figures, we have 'em in every genre so you don't really have an excuse. Heck Pakistan has seen strong female leads with Cake and Motorcycle Girl so yeah. Pick a movie and watch it. It might be uncomfortable to see a woman do everything a man can and still be true to herself but hey, that's what we wanna normalise.

Follow Osman Khalid Butt on Twitter

Confused on how to be an ally to the women in your lives? OKB knows how it's done and maybe you could learn a thing or two on how to address problems that come with the patriarchy and internalised misogyny. You're more likely to listen to a man than a woman anyway and at this point, we'll take it.

Wish a stranger "Happy Women's Day" and mean it

Go on, try and say it... without any sarcasm or mockery. It'd be better if you wish a man. It might be difficult with alllll that toxic masculinity making you want to punch a wall to prove yourself or your strength - we don't know why you act like this - but it's totally possible and it might make you feel nice since you won't have to put up a 'mard ko dard nahi hota' front.

Give the women in your life the gift of conversation

Instead of flowers and chocolates to acknowledge the women in your life, start up a conversation with them and learn about the problems they're actually going through because of their gender. Sure, you could've looked up a lot of things all this time but now is better than never. Talk with the intent of learning rather than saying your piece. Remember, this is their day.

Resist the urge to say 'Not all men'

On Women's Day, you're bound to hear about the problems women go through including harassment, misogyny and hypocritical taboos of the society. And while we can give all the explanations in the world about how 'Not all men' is a ridiculous thing to say - and have been doing so long enough - but for now, all we ask is to do your part and avoid saying this phrase as a defense mechanism that shifts the conversation away from the important topics and, once again, makes it all about you.

Go to the Aurat March

This might sound like a surprise but the Aurat March isn't something women do for fun.

They do it to reclaim public spaces and let their voices and issues be heard. You know what would make that great? If you'd hear 'em out. We're sure you want feminists to stop it already with this outcry of wanting their rights but here's the hack; join them in getting them the rights, they won't ask again if they have them!

And finally, khud khana garam karlo

Seriously, of all the days, this would be a good one to understand how household chores shouldn't be gendered and you taking care of your own needs doesn't make you any less of a man (who came up with that anyway?). Heat up your food, and if you're still unsure what women mean when they say this - even though it's been a year - then here's a simple outline to help you get the gist of it.

This article is a part of Images' International Women's Day coverage and was originally published on March 4, 2019