Dwayne Johnson's Fast & Furious spin-off finally gets a trailer and things are as intense as ever.

The Rock is set to star alongside fellow F&F member Jason Statham, forming an unlikely partnership and having an action-packed escapade - relatively free of vehicles. We miss the cars guys.

The Fast & Fursioue spin-off introduces us to the pairing of Johnson's rogue and rugged Hobbs and Statham's suave and stealthy Shaw. The two, coming from very different worlds and having different ways to handle a tough situation, can't stand each other but better get along to stop a dangerous new villain, played by Idris Elba.

One thing they're both good at is getting in to some death-defying situations with no fear.

From the trailer we can see that there will be some tongue in cheek humour in a movie full of extremely daring and very very unbelievable stunts. So basically, another adrenaline loaded Rock movie... we don't mind.

We especially don't mind Idris Elba as the villain as the actor stands out in the trailer and looks like he will be one of the most memorable baddies in the Furious franchise.

Hobbs & Shaw releases August 2.