Nadeem Baig is set to star in upcoming film Chaa Jaa Re.

The film, said to have an important social message, just got its first teaser and it's a little different than what had been described about it so far.

In the teaser we see the return of Wajood actor Aditi Singh, performing to a dance track and just a few glimpses of the actors involved.

Images spoke to actor Madeeha Hassan Zaidi who is playing the female protagonist of the film.

According to her, Chaa Jaa Re is, "based on education and sports and revolves around a bunch of young people trying to save their school from getting demolished."

Madeeha also revealed that the film "promotes Pakistan." Well, we haven't seen any of that so far but if the idea is as interesting as it sounds we're willing to wait for more.

The cast also includes Javed Sheikh and Arisha Razi.

Chaa Jaa Re has no release date yet.