Indonesian pop band Seventeen was swept away mid-concert by the tsunami that struck the Sunda Strait on Saturday, reports The Guardian.

The band was performing in a marquee at the Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort on the western tip of Java when the tsunami smashed into their open-air concert, hurling members of a pop band from the stage and slamming into the audience.

A video shows fans clapping and cheering before a wave rips under the stage, sending the band members and their equipment crashing into the men and women dancing at the front. The shocking video then suddenly stops.

Riefian Fajarsyah, lead vocalist of Seventeen, posted an emotional video to his 260,000 Instagram followers on Sunday, in which he said the group's bassist and road manager were killed.

"We lost our bassist Bani and our road manager Oki," he said in the video, in which he is wearing a green shirt with the band's Seventeen logo stitched into the chest. "Andi (drummer) and Herman (guitar) and Ujang (crew) have not been found... The rest are thankfully safe although suffering from injuries and broken bones. Please pray so my wife Dylan, Andi and Herman and Ujang can be found soon." Today, he posted about Herman and Ujang's burials, in addition to Bani and Oki's.

The search for his wife Dylan is still on. On Instagram, Fajarsyah posted a photo of him and his wife kissing in Paris, with the caption, "Today is your birthday, I am wishing that you come home my love."