Shazaf Fatima Haider's second novel A Firefly in the Dark is being adapted into a TV series, the author revealed on Twitter yesterday.

In her tweet, Shazaf writes that she was sleep-deprived and nervous while signing the contract — and also a little uneasy about its ‘for the entire universe and for all perpetuity’ clause!

The writer also revealed that the rights to her novel have been acquired by the Indian telecom giant Reliance Jio, which launched a production house in July this year and has been acquiring content to create original web series and short films for its telecom subscribers. The TV series will therefore be only viewable by an Indian audience.

A Firefly in the Dark, published in April this year, revolves around a young girl who lives with her grandmother after her father suffers an accident and mother suffers from depression. The novel has a supernatural element as the grandmother's fantastical stories turn out to be true.

Images has reached out to Shazaf Haider for more information.