After working with Coke Studio on track 'Baalkada', Jimmy Khan has a project of his own coming up.

The singer, as a part of The Jimmy Khan Band, is working on a new album that focuses on Punjabi folk poetry.

According to the press release, album Tich Button aims to revive and preserve Punjabi folk poetry with a contemporary twist in the signature style of the musicians involved.

To show what to expect, Jimmy Khan dropped a teaser on social media.

The teaser gives a hint of the musical style to expect from the track and the video aesthetic lets us know about the approach the seven-member band will have towards the music and its potential music videos; bright, colourful and old school.

Tich Button will comprise of five tracks, which will include covers of traditional tunes such as 'Nikka Mota Bajra', last performed and recorded by Musarrat Nazir; 'Chan Kithan' and 'Pyar Naal Na Sahi' by Attaullah Esakhelvi, Sajjad Ali’s 'KirKir' and one original track.

Jimmy Khan also shared the album art for the project, saying, "Tich Button says it all: things that fit into each other in perfect shape or harmony."

The album and its first single will be releasing on December 1.