Sunny Deol goes with his instincts. Nothing like the gut feeling for the Bollywood actor.

In an interview with PTI, the actor said that he chooses not to read scripts e's been approached with as he's "very instinctive" and would rather listen to the director's idea of the film before making a decision.

"I am a very instinctive person. I hear an idea, a thought and if it is good and I like it, I just jump for it. I don't go into the detailings of it," says Deol.

"Right now, you need to do that but back then filmmaking was different. I never read scripts. I just hear the idea from the director and go for it. I have always interacted with the story writer and heard the subject because that's what is going to eventually come over on screen."

The 62-year-old feels he needs to do roles more suited to his age... (we wonder if it's a dig at Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan).

"I cannot be a teenager in films. You move accordingly and your experience makes you do certain subjects which you wouldn't have done when you were younger. As the time goes, you interact and become more aware of certain things. It'll be stupid if I still want to play a college boy. Besides that nobody would want to make it also. It's only when the filmmakers know that this actor can pull it off, is when they approach you," he adds.

Sunny Deol is currently promoting his upcoming film Bhaiaji Superhit which also features Preity Zinta and Arshad Warsi