Sheema Kermani fights the patriarchy through dance in With Bells On Her Feet

Sheema Kermani fights the patriarchy through dance in With Bells On Her Feet

The documentary explores the classical dancer's life and fight for social justice during the Zia regime
Updated 05 Nov, 2019

Sheema Kermani, one of the most celebrated Pakistanis for her fight to end social injustice in the country, now has a documentary based on her life and work.

Directed by Taimur Rahim, With Bells on her Feet is a glimpse into the classical dancer's past and the trailer is nothing less than inspirational.

In the one minute trailer, Kermani's voiceover explains how dance for a woman is a freeing experience. "For me, there is a direct relationship between dance and liberation. When a woman stands on stage to dance what she's saying is: 'Here I am, I'm not ashamed of my body, I am confident and I do not fear you.'

"My journey has been a lonely one but what keeps me going is a hope that future generations will embrace dance not just as an art form it is a means to achieve peace, humility and beauty."

Speaking to Images, Kermani said of working on the project, "It was an honour for me to learn that Taimur Rahim wants to do a documentary on me. I saw his work and really liked it. It was a very wonderful experience, we spent a lot of time together and Taimur was always extremely warm, generous and accommodating. His approach to the documentary was very open, while he knew what he wanted he was very open [to other ideas] as well. I hope we can do more work together."

"I wish that this film would get the due exposure that it deserves. I think Taimur has put in a lot of time, energy and passion into it and needs to be seen by a large audience in Pakistan as well as internationally," she added.

The director, who is also the producer and editor of the documentary, shared the trailer on Facebook thanking Kermani and the team behind the project. "It was a privilege to work with you on this Miss Sheema Kermani!" he wrote.

With Bells on her Feet has also been chosen as the official selection at FILUMS International Film Festival and will screen on November 24th at Al Hamra, Lahore.


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Noname Nov 23, 2018 11:47am
To dance on a stage needs tremendous stamina, physical conditioning, great understanding of music and ability to generate emotions. Hats off to this intrepid dancer for pursuing her passion.