Mansha Pasha and Ali Kazmi confirmed as lead cast of Kamal Khan's Laal Kabootar

Published 21 Nov, 2018 03:38pm

Irfan Ul Haq

Laal Kabootar is an upcoming thriller film set in Karachi

Upcoming indie thriller flick Laal Kabootar may have a first-time director (Kamal Khan) and producers (Kamil and Hania Chima's Nehr Ghar) but features well-loved and popular faces in its cast.

Actors Mansha Pasha and Ali Kazmi have confirmed that they have signed the lead roles in the film.

While Mansha said it was too soon to reveal many details, she did reveal to Images that "Laal Kabootar is about a female protagonist who goes through 'something' in life... and the story is about how she overcomes that."

Mansha also shared that there are sub-tracks in the story involving other characters.

Speaking to Images, Ali shared that he will play a journalist in the film, "a very intense, clever guy but also very fun-loving. He doesn't like talking about work outside of work. He's very quirky and loves his wife more than life itself."

Both actors believe that their film will offer a new experience.

"I think this film will be the first of its kind, the kind of shots the director Kamal and cinematographer Mo Azmi are taking, it'll be an experience. Laal Kabootar will make your head spin," said Ali while Masha says it depicts Karachi in a very authentic way and will be a completely new genre for Pakistani cinema.

Laal Kabootar will also star Ahmed Ali and Saleem Mairaj. It will release in 2019.