New film production house Nehr Ghar has announced its first title in a press release today.

A venture by brother-sister duo Kamil and Hania Chima, Nehr Ghar will focus on "making feature films that excite and push boundaries."

Their first production is Laal Kabootar, an action-thriller that will mark the feature film debut of Kamal Khan, who is known for directing music videos like Zoe Viccaji's 'Azaad' and The D/A Method's 'Desert Journey'.

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While other particulars such as cast will be revealed later in the year, the film's title poster has been unveiled:

In conversation with Images, the producers also offered few details: "All we can say right now is that [Laal Kabootar] is an electrifying experience right till the end. It’s a film unlike any other to come out of Pakistan."

The Chima siblings set up Nehr Ghar after returning from Harvard and have big plans for Pakistan's entertainment industry.

"As a film company, we want to create experiences that take you into new worlds. Be it through romance or comedy, drama or thrill, we want to capture the magic of life as we see it. This is such an exciting space and it is crazy that we get to do this for a living."

Laal Kabootar will release in 2019.