Madhuri Dixit is multi-talented. When she's not acting, she's behind the camera, producing.

Filmfare reported that Dixit has teamed up with Netflix and is helming a Marathi film called 15th August.

The movie is set in a Mumbai chawl and follows the course of a single day as its residents prepare for the flag-hoisting ceremony. This Marathi film is about the struggles of middle-class India and in a soaring climax, it is about how love can set us free.

Talking about why she chose the digital platform for her film, the actress said, “Whenever you make a film, you want the maximum number of people to see it. You want it to reach everywhere. With Netflix, you can magnify the reach.”

“Films are not competing with just films. They are competing with life. You may not have time to go to the theatres. When I had my child, for three months I was stuck at home, looking after him and having sleepless nights. There was no time to go out. I wish I had Netflix then. Today you have the option to watch anything, anywhere, anytime.”

Dixit will also be seen next in Karan Johar's Kalank and Indra Kumar's Total Dhamaal.