Coke Studio released their final episode yesterday, which happened to mark the debut of beloved actor Ahad Raza Mir on the platform.

The Parwaaz Hai Junoon actor launched his singer self with a cover of '60s track 'Ko Ko Korina' along with Momina Mustehsan. A gutsy move, considering how iconic the track is, ever been to a mehndi where this wasn't sung? Neither have we. But Coke Studio was confident in their cover, claiming "This Ko Ko Korina remix by Coke Studio will also be one of the top Pakistani songs of 2018 and will become a famous Ahad Raza Mir song."

It didn't go so well.

Looks like Pakistan did not quite enjoy their rendition of the track and Twitter has proof. Lots of it.

They want answers

Did Coke Studio not expect this?

You could say they're upset

Speechless even

But really... upset

That's what we said!

It was a journey

Even Ahad Raza Mir couldn't save it?

Yeah the glass has shattered

What had happened was...

People are giving up

Even Nabeel Qureshi's on the Ko-Ko-Korina

And here come the theories

And some positive reinforcement

But hey, this is adorable isn't it?