The trailer for indie Pakistani film Pinky Memsaab released last night.

The film is ,according to lead actor Hajra Yamin, about "a young woman from a small village in Punjab who travels to Dubai to work as a maid. The movie is about her journey, the type of people that she meets over there. It will show a contrast between her life in the village and her life in a big city."

The trailer shows Hajra as Pinky making her journey to Mehr, played by Kiran Malik and her husband Hassan (Adnan Jaffar). From the looks of it, the film will show a journey not just for Pinky but also for her employer, as Mehr struggles with her marriage and her dreams of pursuing a career in writing.

While we wish the trailer was more concise and left the film relatively spoiler-free, we are intrigued by the film and its closer-to-home story line.

Pinky Memsaab is slated for release December 7.