Osman Khalid Butt teaches troll a vital lesson on joking about the #MeToo movement

Osman Khalid Butt teaches troll a vital lesson on joking about the #MeToo movement

"Harassment allegations are not this frivolous nor is the #MeToo movement to be taken lightly," he wrote on Instagram
13 Oct, 2018

Even as the #MeToo movement picks up steam in India and Pakistan, there seems to be a lot of silence on part of our entertainment fraternity.

Hardly surprising, considering the fact that even when Meesha Shafi spoke up, none of her peers really backed her up except for Osman Khalid Butt. And the man hasn't stopped being vocal about the movement and feminism since.

The Balu Mahi actor recently put up a post with his Baaji co-star, Anna Ilyas wishing her a happy birthday.

One of the comments he received on the post was: "Please be careful because after some time she would be accusing you of harassment because #metoo."

No one's making fun of the movement on OKB's watch!

"No, she won't because I conduct myself with dignity, even among friends and don't abuse my privilege," the actor wrote on Instagram

"Harassment allegations are not this frivolous nor is #MeToo a movement to be taken lightly. If you don't respect women speaking out about the trauma they've endured, the least you can do is not reduce it to a reductive, inane comment. Peace."

Men, take note. This is how you can be a better ally, by calling out people (men and women both) who are misinformed or insensitive about the movement and discouraging them from joking about something that has caused real pain to many, many women.

Also, good on him for saying that these allegations are not so "frivolous"; false claims of sexual misconduct are few and far between so let's not belittle real victims this way.


Harmony-1© Oct 13, 2018 02:19pm
He is right. Such misogyny which is rife in South Asia is casing pain to many women.
M. Saeed Oct 13, 2018 02:22pm
This MeToo attack is another lethal weapon after centuries old MakeUp, to fight the male dominance and to enforce Gender Equality through a fast-track.
Amal Oct 13, 2018 11:08pm
@Harmony-1© Its around world not just in south asia . Metoo# is global movement.
Rehman Bob Oct 14, 2018 02:21am
What a man! I just saw him in a drama serial a couple of times. Didn't know there are men in the entertainment industry who possess this basic decency and courage to say the right thing at the right time because this is what matters for someone who is well known to the public.