The Aladdin reboot had its many issues which were a bit hilarious for us to watch but now finally, we know its happening for good.

The film's first teaser is out and its making sure to remind you of everything you loved about the original Disney classic.

With the instrumental soundtrack of 'Arabian Nights' and 'Friend like me' the teaser shows clips of the moment Aladdin finds the magic lamp in the Cave of Wonders. And we have to say, it doesn't look too shabby.

We finally see Mena Massoud as Aladdin but it was just a hint so we can't say much but we're excited to see more now.

Directed by Guy Ritchie, we get a glimpse of his directorial style through the heavy hues and the presentation of the film's title. It was a little Snatch and we’re here for it!

Aladdin is slated for release next summer on May 24, 2019.