The Punjab Bar Council is under fire for publishing this sexist statement about women

The Punjab Bar Council is under fire for publishing this sexist statement about women

The Women Lawyer's Association has demanded that the body issue an apology
03 Oct, 2018

The Punjab Bar Council is under fire on social media for a sexist comment that was printed in a diary/calendar that bears the body's name and logo.

The quote, which appears on a page dated October 6 2018, reads: "Whichever nation has given women more freedom than is necessary will someday regret their mistake."

As the image circulated on social media commentators were outraged by its blatant sexism and misogyny.

In a Facebook post about the diary the Women Lawyers Association said: "A blatantly sexist page from the lawyers' diary published by the Punjab Bar Council. Women Lawyers' Association is outraged by this hostile discrimination again women endorsed by the Punjab Bar Council, a body that is supposed to regulate and preserve the integrity of the profession. We demand that the Punjab Bar Council issue an apology for spreading misogyny in a profession that is already unwelcoming for women to begin with."

Images reached out to Executive Chairperson of the Punjab Bar Council Advocate Bushra Qamar, who called the quote in the diary "propaganda."

"How can a body that upholds the dignity of women ever endorse such a statement?" said Qamar. "How can a body that appointed me its Chairperson espouse these values? It is impossible that we would print this. This is propaganda."

The chairperson conceded that she had not actually seen the diary in question. She continued: "We would never intentionally print this. If this is true and if this was printed, we will take necessary action against those who allowed this to happen."

Qamar further said that during the last five years the council had elected two women as its vice chairperson and chairperson.


Saeeda Fancy Oct 04, 2018 08:08am
This is outrageous and shameful. Whoever is behind this should be taken to task.
Ahmar Qureshi Oct 04, 2018 11:06am
such a shame...
R ALI Oct 09, 2018 11:06pm
And this is what happens when men gets out of their breeches