Viewers are obsessed with Manto. Here's what they have to say

Updated 23 Sep, 2018 01:55pm

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"This [film] will go down in history as a gem of a film," said one Twitter user

Nandita Das' directorial Manto has become the talk of town.

Its hard-hitting trailer had everyone glued to screens and now that the film is out, people are flocking to cinemas to see Nawazuddin get in the shoes of the Urdu playwright.

While the film's fate in Pakistan is still uncertain - we won't be able to watch it soon - but if Twitter is anything to go by, it seems like Manto will definitely be worth the wait.

Here's how the film fared, according to Twitter.

These people have called the film 'perfection'

Shabana Azmi praised the acting

and she wasn't the only one

For some the film was extremely moving

And this one lauded Das for not glorifying Manto

However, the film will be relevant for all times to come, says this Twitter user

All-inall Das got her well-deserved acclaim