The drama is being directed by Abdullah Badini
The drama is being directed by Abdullah Badini

A lot of stories end up with a 'happily ever after' but Hajra Yamin and Noor Hassan's upcoming drama Ishq Na Kario Koi will show us what happens after.

Like Noor says, "There are so many love stories all around and they all end with marriage. That's the bar that is set to acquire love. The reason I chose this story is because I thought it was different from the rest as it begins with a marriage."

The drama begins with a marriage
The drama begins with a marriage

He adds, "My character, the lead, marries the girl right in the beginning and the show raises the question whether marriage is enough. The drama shows the many hurdles that come after marriage, even within the love story of a now married couple. It shows family and societal pressure that complicate a story. There's an entire journey, to get the love you want to get after the marriage. It's an interesting twist and concept."

Hajra Yamin claimed that the drama's plot "is very well connected with our society. It shows underlying issues that never surface to the top because people intend to keep it that way."

About her character, Hajra revealed, "I play Mariam, a young woman who's just gotten married but isn't considered a part of the family. A series of unfortunate events take place and no matter what the issue is related to, she is thought to be the reason. It's that mentality where a woman has brought bad luck, even when the woman is also suffering with them. The guy's family doesn't think of her as a part of their family but like an outsider."

She added, "I see Mariam as a character with a lot of layers. She is an introverted personality and has some interesting views about life and keeps a diary containing all her thoughts because she has difficulty communicating her feelings."

The drama is being directed by Abdullah Badini, whom Noor has worked with before.

"However, this time around it felt more evolved, the work. I really enjoyed my experience in this drama and there was some really good artistic communication happening on the sets. I'm very excited to see it hit the screens."

Hajra added, "Working with Noor was amazing, he is such a cooperative actor. I had so much fun working with him. Same with Rabab Hashmi who is also in the drama. They have such good energy on set."

Ishq Na Kario Koi has no confirmed launch date as of yet.