Moor star Hameed Sheikh will next be seen in the role of a Hindu pundit in Nepal.

He is acting in a film titled The Man From Kathmandu, which tells the story of a American-Nepali Hindu-Muslim boy who lands up in Nepal while searching for his father and rediscovers his roots in the process. Speaking to Images, Sheikh revealed that the film "is a joint venture between the US and Nepal. It will be in English."

"Pema Dhondup is a Nepali director who is actually from Hollywood," said Shaikh. "He is the one who approached me after seeing some of my work and had me audition on Skype for the part."

About his character named Pandit Harvashdam, he said, "I'm playing a pundit in Nepal who also has a big political party. His blessings can get anyone into any position of power."

Sheikh will be joined by Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover in the project.

"Working with Gulshan Grover was a pleasure. I learned a lot from him. Overall the working experience for the film was very nice," he shared.

Will Hameed Sheikh's film come to Pakistan? He certainly hopes so!

"I'm trying to bring it as a foreign film in Pakistan. Such films are not the most popular ones in Pakistani cinemas as people prefer commercial movies but I am trying to get at least a few screens for the film."