After more than four decades of directing films, Mahesh Bhatt is ready to face the camera.

The Arth director will be making his acting debut in the film The Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City, in which he will play a Muslim painter named Zulfikar Hussain who lives with a young Hindu tenant while his own son resides in the US.

The film touches on mental health issues and suicide but tries to give a positive message to the audience:

"Keep on living and struggling with life. I liked that message a lot because suicide is such a reality which society hasn't dealt with. I think we are in danger from ourselves, so I liked this core as well," Bhatt said.

He continued, "Suicide is 21st century's self-generated disease. The dark side of human nature... We are our biggest enemies. This plot has been successfully handled. This is a very unusual plot and handled beautifully... The filmmakers don't make films like this, they just cannot."

The film is being helmed by Tariq Khan, who played a key role in pushing Bhatt into acting.

"Tariq Khan is a good and a decent human being. He came to me with this role, and he insisted that I take it up. I have always supported new and honest talent, and Tariq is one such guy. I liked him immediately. He came straight to the point in a very simple manner."

The film also stars K K Menon, Nikhil Ratnaparkhil and Neha Khan and will release on Septemeber 29, according to FilmiBeat.