This rock band just paid tribute to all your favourite Pakistani hits

This rock band just paid tribute to all your favourite Pakistani hits

Name your favourite track for Independence Day, and Aag has it in their 'Azaadi Acapella'
Updated 23 Mar, 2020

Every 14th August we have that one playlist that comes out featuring all of our favourite hits which celebrate the jazba junoon we feel on the special day - and Aag felt the need to be celebrate those again.

The two-person band decided to pay tribute this Independence Day with a medley of all our favourite tracks and that too in acapella form.

From Haroon to Junoon to Vital Signs, every track you can think of for Independence Day celebrations is in this medley and we have to say, we really dig it!

About the 'Azaadi Acapella', Aag member Usman Sheikh says, "The 14th of August was closing in, and we always plan something for it, but for one reason or another the intended projects for it get delayed. Haroon once had a sudden thought of doing a mash-up of patriotic songs from our childhood, the ones we really hold near our hearts and are also compositional masterpieces. It was my idea to not play any instruments, and let our mouths do the talking, singing, rapping, and beat boxing. I don't know why, it has always appealed to me. The human voice is the most feel-full sound."

Haroon Sheikh, second half of Aag, chimes in, "We did it because its a fun way to celebrate Independence Day. Also because it was a chance to be able to cover all our favorite songs from the artists we grew up listening to. Since we were kids, we have been singing, beat boxing, goofing around with songs. It felt just like that. So why not record it and share it with the world?"

Usman adds, "The actual production of the audio and video happened pretty much over the course of a day. It was one of the most fun and interesting experiences. As a producer myself, mixing audio where all the "instruments" are the human voice made this a challenge and a delight to create."

The duo of Haroon Sheikh and Usman Sheikh as Aag has been around since 2006. While the band has done many notable covers (many will remember their cover of Junoon's 'Mitti') they have also release multiple originals and have made appearances in shows like Nescafe Basement and Levis Live Session.

Says Usman, "Pakistan is our identity, and being a citizen of a country is kind of like a marriage, we're there for better or worse. We can only hope and strive for better. This was a part of that hope we carry within ourselves."