Atif Aslam had a concert in New York and he sang his heart out. Who'd a thunk there'd be a problem?

Well, there was. News started circulating that this was no ordinary concert but a Pakistan Independence Day Parade and that the singer decided to sing his Bollywood hits there.

And people were not happy. At. All.

Some pretty crazy rumours had begun:

But some fans and fellow artistes also supported him:

Many who attended the concert also spoke up in Aslam's defense, claiming that the concert had nothing to do with Independence Day and the news circulating is fake.

This guy knows whats up:

Atif Aslam himself then took to social media to respond to the rumours and thank his fans and supporters.

Says the singer in his post, "I am very happy and proud that my fans are responding to the fake propaganda in such a good way. I hope that in Naya Pakistan, people respect those who are representing Pakistan all over the world."