The tour included stops at Tribeca, Chatterbox Deli, Barcelos and Praguery.
The tour included stops at Tribeca, Chatterbox Deli, Barcelos and Praguery.

I recently lucked into a fantastic opportunity.

My day started by skipping breakfast and continued onto skipping lunch. As the workday drew to a close, I found myself not only lightheaded and slightly cranky, but also excited. I was going to attend the Good Food Tour Karachi, organised by foodpanda. Free food? Bring it!

So into a minivan we got, and off we went to a land of happiness – just kidding, it was Defence.


Menu: Pinchos Morunos with Mojo Picon, Chimichurri Steak Bites, Steak Bites with Argentinian Herb Sauce, Grilled Steak Taco, Fish Taco

Our first stop was Tribeca, a café and bistro that specialises in authentic tacos. We started off with traditional tapas, and even though I have never been a big consumer of beef, I enjoyed the sauces paired with the meat and would definitely recommend these to anyone who visits.

They took a while to get the main course to us, but it was well worth the wait. The crispy crunch of the tacos, paired with the three types of fillings: beef, chicken and fish, was spectacular.

Soon after the first helping, we were served another round of tacos, this time with chewy soft-shell. These were my favourite by far as I was able to eat them without making myself look like a toddler.

Chatterbox Deli

Menu: Paprika Nachos, Korean Chicken Rice Bowl, Spicy Fried Rice Bowl, Korean Chicken Sliders, Turkey Bacon And Caper Tomato Basil Pasta

Finally sated to a point where I was no longer starving and on the brink of collapse, we went to our second stop that showed a lot of promise just through its name – Chatterbox Deli.

Everything here was amazing, from the attentive staff who made sure everyone had been served adequately, to the actual food, which had huge serving sizes and tasted equally good.

We tried all the items on their menu and paired them with lemonade, making the meal come together perfectly.


Menu: Flame Grilled Chicken, Chicken Feta Wrap, Espetada

Armed with two awesome experiences, the bar was set very high. Barcelos was next on our tour. It claims to be an authentic Afro-Portuguese restaurant with quite a lot of similarities to another popular Portuguese chain selling Peri-Peri items.

They had the typical décor, branding, atmosphere and the special sauces you’d expect from a restaurant of this style. The chicken was well cooked and filling. The ambiance with the speakers emanating bird chirping sounds was not very pleasant though.

Here they started us off with Pizza Fries, with a rather high amount of ketchup for my liking.

Their food was presented very well, and the service was good. We took our time trying all the items on our menu and had a good time at this restaurant. We especially enjoyed the Espetada which was served very hot with lots of sauce.


Menu: Jalapeno Chicken, Praguery Original, Oreo Overloaded, Ferrero Chimney, Red Velvet

To finish things off, we pulled up to Praguery. Our stomachs were quite full at this point, but we were dedicated soldiers in the battle of food review.

To start us off, they gave us some bread and fries which we enjoyed. Then we went onto their specialties which their entire identity is based around – their desserts called chimneys.

This was a monster of an ice-cream approximately 12 inches tall and filled with enough sweetness to delight each and every one of your taste buds. Vanilla ice-cream, brownies on top, and a chocolate wafer stick to boot. Now I wouldn’t say we ate the chimney – most of us destroyed it by unraveling the layers it was made from and enjoyed every bite.

We also tried out two flavours of their milkshakes – while I am a chocolate person by heart, the strawberry cheesecake flavor won me over to the point of crowning it to be the highlight of my evening.

By that point, those of us who could still walk toppled into the van and briefly observed our food coma states. The silence did not last very long, as laughing fits ensued thanks to a huge sugar rush. I would definitely recommend Praguery to satisfy anyone’s sweet cravings and desires.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable day which had been organised really well by foodpanda. Bring more our way, please!

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