It was not possible to change the dates of Hum Awards: Hum TV

Updated 26 Jul, 2018 12:20pm

Images Staff

The TV channel addresses the controversy over celebrities missing the elections for its award show rehearsals in Toronto

A lot has been said about celebrities like Mahira Khan and Yasir Hussain who were spotted flying out to Toronto for the Hum Awards 2018 just two days before Pakistan's general elections.

Their colleagues and fans have criticised them for neglecting their civic duty to vote; however, the stars have explained their departure citing unavoidable professional obligations.

Now, the awards organiser HUM TV has also released a statement affirming the same:

Hum TV emphasised in its statement that only selected stars who were required for rehearsals were flown out early, the rest have been able to vote and then travel to Canada.

The channel also stated that the awards'date was decided six months ago when the election dates were not known and the resources committed to the event prevented them from rescheduling the event dates.

They further said that they were confident that their event will help promote the soft image of Pakistan internationally.

The Hum Awards are being held this Saturday in Toronto.