While there's been a flurry of talk about celebrities leaving Pakistan ahead of the elections, here's a star who's flown into the country especially to cast his vote.

'Bachana' singer Bilal Khan shared on Twitter that he's arrived in his hometown Lahore to vote in the election today. He added that he will then immediately return to Toronto, where he's currently living, to participate in the award show that stole all the celebs away.

"It would have made more sense for me to stay (in Toronto) but I came back," he wrote on Twitter. "The reason I tell you all this is that I want you ALL to vote."

"Each vote counts and it is our duty as citizens to vote. It is cool to vote..." he urges his followers.

And here he is, proudly bearing his inked thumb today:

Aaand he's voted! #BilalKhan in a patriotic mood on election day 👍

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We hope Bilal's young fans heard his call. Here's a handy guide for what to do at the polling station today:

Election 101: How to cast your vote on July 25 — simplified