Nadia Hussain says authentic beauty is more important than 'perfect' beauty standards

Published 09 Jul, 2018 02:46pm

Images Staff

The model/salon owner is trying to introduce Cindy Crawford's #WokeUpThisWay challenge to Pakistani Instagram

Nadia Hussain may be deep in Pakistan's beauty business, but it looks like she's still trying to keep it real.

In a recent Instagram post, Nadia tries to kick-off Cindy Crawford's #WOKEUPTHISWAYchallenge in Pakistan, challenging actors Mahira Khan, Sajal Aly, Ayesha Omar and Mawra Hocane to post a photo of their morning aka 'no make-up' faces, like she has.

Nadia explains that she felt the need to encourage her followers to focus on real beauty rather than 'perfect' beauty standards.

"Social media is a powerful tool where you’re in charge of WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/HOW you want to present yourself to the world. And of course we all want to present perfection - who doesn’t love a good filter?? But why do we think posting our authentic, real self is somehow not [lovable] enough? It’s time to wake up. Your true YOU is [the bomb]," she writes.

While the celebs she challenged are yet to respond, Nadia shares that she got a message of gratitude from a follower who was struggling to come to terms with a change in her appearance since she became a mother:

Nadia's post was also met with a lot of criticism about her no-makeup look, but this fiesty Instagrammer didn't hold back from naming and shaming them:

We hope Nadia's post encourages more women to embrace their true selves.