13 Jun, 2018

A live-action remake of Dumbo has been in the works for a while but fans have been having a hard time handling this news.

How will they make a live-action film about a gifted elephant mentored by a talking mouse? Will Tim Burton, who has taken up the reins for the movie, turn this into a dark twisted story like he did with Alice in Wonderland? And where does Johnny Depp fit in all of this?

It's a Tim Burton movie... of course, we'll ask about Johnny Depp.

Listen, we're Dumbo fans. We grew up with that cute elephant and related to him before any teen drama. So it's no news we've been skeptical for this one for a while now.

Usually with films that rely on heavy graphics, the main character is performed by an actual person acting against a green screen, like the Jungle Book. Aladdin is going to be like its musical and The Lion King is all photorealistic animation but this film features animals and humans, with a large eared elephant at the heart of it all. Dumbo would have a CGI elephant with very few actors reacting to it. So it's neither here nor there. What if in all these technicalities, the true meaning behind Dumbo, is lost?

Disney released its first teaser for the live-action Dumbo today and it looks like we're getting all the answers. And since Burton has reimagined the story, it doesn't look too shabby!

We're introduced to some new characters that weren't present in the original film. Colin Farrell plays a struggling circus performer who is the one along with two children to find Dumbo hiding in the hay stack. So far it looks like there is no Timothy Q. Mouse in the movie. The circus in this film has more humans than animals, giving a very Greatest Showman vibe. We also get Danny Devito's first look as the Ringmaster and we have to say, great choice!

You'll get a strong wave of nostalgia with the soundtrack behind the teaser with 'Baby Mine' reminding you of one of the saddest scenes from Disney. And raise your hand if you got a lump in your throat with that glimpse of Dumbo's mother in the cage. Because we did.

Disney also released the poster featuring Dumbo's silhouette that resembles the original animated Dumbo's look.

Okay Burton you got our attention. While the story has been drastically changed, we feel it so far is fitting for a live action remake. But we're still wondering, no Johnny Depp?

Dumbo is slated for release March 29, 2019.