At a time where stories about politicians and celebrities dominate the news cycle and our social media feeds, a series about local heroes who don't necessarily enjoy as much of the limelight is quite welcome.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's SOC Films have debuted their latest project Stories for Our Children with an episode about philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, known around the world for his large fleet of ambulances.

The episode focuses on his humble beginnings, the early hurdles he faced and how he concluded that his ambulance was "more Muslim" than most people. Watch it here:

Stories for Our Children will put the spotlight on Pakistanis who have championed diversity, inclusion, tolerance and love throughout their lives and works. The series comprises three more episodes that will include the story of Aitzaz Hasan, the 15-year-old who sacrificed his life to thwart a suicide attack on his school in Hangu, KP and that of Kulsum, a young Hazara girl in the village of Khalsabad, Punjab.

The next episode comes out Monday.