The Digithon will be live on Coca Cola's official facebook page on 5th of June from 4pm to 6pm.
The Digithon will be live on Coca Cola's official facebook page on 5th of June from 4pm to 6pm.

Taking forward the #BottleOfChange campaign, Coca-Cola is now launching a live digital donation drive, DIGITHON, today from 4pm to 6pm on their official facebook page.

Through the drive, Coca Cola intends to encourage more and more people to participate in their #BottleOfChange drive in an attempt to help Edhi Foundation.

The digital donation drive will allow people to make Live Calls and SMS their pledges to donate to the Edhi Foundation.

Celebs attending the DIGITHON

A ton of our favourite Pakistani celebs will be supporting the cause by attending the digital donation drive today.

Here's what a few of them have to say about the campaign:

1. Ali Rehman Khan

2. Ahad Raza Mir

3. Maya Ali

Other celebs

Celebs like Mansha Pasha, Cybil Choudhary , Nadia Hussain and many others have also come forward to support the cause and play their part in helping out Edhi Foundation raise donations this Ramazan.

How to play your part in helping the Edhi Foundation

The #BottleOfChange has been helping out those in need by asking people to collect change in Coca Cola bottles and donate.

Here are few ways to lend support to Edhi Foundation this Ramazan:

  1. Donate via Easy Paisa
  2. Donate via
  3. Donate via SimSim
  4. Donate via
  5. Visit Edhi centers or have a look at their website to find more ways to reach out to them.
  6. Make an online transfer directly to Edhi Foundation's account.

For more details about how the #BottleOfChange campaign is helping out people, head over to

The Digithon is giving a chance to everyone to talk to these celebs via live calls today. Questions posted on social media using the official hashtag #ForEdhi will also be featured at the Digithon today.

Send SMS Name (space) Amount to 2653 or call at 03041112653.

This content is produced in paid partnership with Coca Cola Pakistan.