TV host/actor/full-time PTI loyalist Hamza Ali Abbasi surprised Twitter last night when he claimed that he has read the manuscript of Reham Khan's upcoming book.

He described the book in some unflattering terms. No surprises there.

But how did he get his hands on the manuscript? That's what Reham Khan would like to know:

Reham has earlier said about her book that it is mainly about her life as a journalist and mother, but mentioned that PTI chief Imran Khan features in it because he was once a part of her life, "albeit an unpleasant one".

Hamza's tweet unleashed trolls in full force, who accused Reham for furthering the agenda of PTI rival PML-N. But Reham says that she's used to these bullying tactics:

As proof, she even published an alleged email conversation between her and Hamza in which he informs her of PTI's possession of her emails:

Hamza retaliated with what he says is a hacked email exchange between Reham and Interior Minister and PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal:

Whatever the truth behind the matter is, it's been great publicity for Reham's book!