We need to teach parents to listen to their children, says Mohsin Abbas Haider

We need to teach parents to listen to their children, says Mohsin Abbas Haider

The actor's upcoming drama with Sonya Hussyn will be tackling the issue of rampant child abuse in society
Updated 17 May, 2018

Television projects centered around social issues can go either way; it's good to see more people making educational content and shining light on topics considered taboo in society but execution matters. A lot.

Mohsin Abbas Haider's upcoming drama will be taking on the issue of child abuse. The untitled project is being directed by Ali Hassan (Muqabil fame) and features the Na Maloom Afraad actor, Sonya Hussyn, Sania Saeed and Sajid Hassan in crucial roles.

Talking to Images, he shares: "This is the first time in 12 years that I am doing a negative character. Many others in the fraternity are willing to take on such roles for the sake of the message they want to send the audience so that we can provide some information along with the entertainment and I feel like I should do the same because this infotainment is more important than entertainment. I'm aware of the risks but I see a greater good."

While there were rumours that the show will be based on Zainab's rape and murder, Mohsin denies any such claims, revealing that it is "not based on any specific incident and is purely fictional".

"It looks at the overall issue of child abuse that our society is facing. It doesn't address any specific incident or person, it just shows a family which has suffered such an ordeal and how they go about it," he reveals further adding "This is more than a drama, it’s a responsibility we need to uphold."

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Speaking about the telefilm that A Plus is making on Zainab, the actor admits he has his reservations.

"I'd initially heard that the makers of the telefilm had taken permission but I know now that's not the case. However, our project is not based on Zainab or Kasur. I sincerely hope our work does not cause any issues because someone has to take on this responsibility to teach our audience about these realities and what to do."

We want to bridge the gap between the family and the survivor of abuse. We want to teach children that the moment they are uncomfortable with someone they need the confidence to say it to their parents and we want to teach the parents to listen to their children and understand where they're coming from."

Expanding a bit more on bridging the communication gap within families, he says, "Parents are supposed to be the most trustworthy unit for their children. Unfortunately in so many cases of child abuse, the abuser is a close member of the family, which leaves a very small circle of people to trust. So it's being distant from the parents that causes a lot of problem.

We want children to be instilled with such confidence that they can tell their parents about anything and parents need to have awareness and be alert with their children."

The yet to be titled project releases after Eid on ARY Digital.


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Mehreen Chandan May 17, 2018 09:52am
I love this actor's wide portfolio of work as a DJ, singer and actor par excellence. In terms of the Pakistani entertainment industry, I think where we distinguish ourselves in South Asia is through our vibrant, well-written, well-acted, and socially conscious television industry. While there are some brainless dramas out there, there have also been some brilliant and thought provoking ones recently such as: Udari, Sammi, Darr si Gaye Sila, Muqabil, Angan, and a numerous dramas on child marriage. Mohsin is correct in saying that infotainment (information and entertainment) is important. I personally think it's the need of the hour and would love to see more television dramas on how to educate kids against child abuse, how to protect religious and cultural minorities in our country, and how to conserve our beautiful but fragile environment. Way to go Mohsin! Wishing him success in all his future ventures!
Farook Janjua May 17, 2018 10:37am
Television or film on social issues is, in fact, a reflection of the society and at times not liked by societies with social issue and taboos.
ALi May 18, 2018 03:51am
Interaction or information exchange gap amidst family members is the gigantic reason ,,,