The McDonald's deal is available on foodpanda for Rs750
The McDonald's deal is available on foodpanda for Rs750

Foodpanda is back with a celebration, and this time they're offering a deal for the Mother's day week.

For as long as we remember, McDonald's has played a key role in our lives. From becoming our favorite midnight snack to sorting mid-day cravings at work, this restaurant is our favourite on the foodpanda app.

This time around, foodpanda and McDonald's have partnered to bring us a deal worth adding to our Mother's Day prep lists.

The #MomAndMe deal

We've got one thing planned for sure - this Mother's day we're not letting our mums cook. Instead we're spending some quality me-time with mum and treating her to our favourite fast food meal from McDonald's.

Here's what all the #MomAndMe deal offers at a discounted price:

  • Two McCrispy burgers
  • Six pieces of nuggets
  • Two regular fries
  • Two regular drinks

Price: Rs750

The offer is valid for the whole week starting from today to the 13th of May 2018.

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