Natalie Portman clarifies why she dropped out of the 'Jewish Nobel' award ceremony

Natalie Portman clarifies why she dropped out of the 'Jewish Nobel' award ceremony

I can be critical of the Israeli leadership without wanting to boycott the entire nation, says the actor
21 Apr, 2018

Actress Natalie Portman has snubbed a prestigious prize known as the “Jewish Nobel,” saying she did not want her attendance to be seen as an endorsement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Portman was to have received the award in Israel in June and said in a statement issued early Saturday that her reasons for skipping the ceremony had been mischaracterized by others, and she is not part of the BDS, a Palestinian-led global movement of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

News of Portman’s decision to skip the event triggered an angry backlash Friday from some in the country’s political establishment.

That was due to reports that Portman through a representative had told the Genesis Prize Foundation she was experiencing “extreme distress” over attending its ceremony and would “not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel.”

Portman’s statement said her decision had been mischaracterized.

“Let me speak for myself. I chose not to attend because I did not want to appear as endorsing Benjamin Netanyahu, who was to be giving a speech at the ceremony,” she wrote.

“Like many Israelis and Jews around the world, I can be critical of the leadership in Israel without wanting to boycott the entire nation. I treasure my Israeli friends and family, Israeli food, books, art, cinema, and dance.’”

She asked people to “not take any words that do not come directly from me as my own.”

Israel faces some international criticism over its use of lethal force in response to mass protests along the Gaza border led by the Islamic militant group that rules the territory.

One Israeli lawmaker warned that Portman’s decision is a sign of eroding support for Israel among young American Jews.


Irfan_Sydney Apr 21, 2018 12:15pm
Thank you Natalie. Your are not only an incredibly attractive woman , you are also a very intelligent person.
Shazad Apr 21, 2018 01:16pm
Young American Jews and any voice of reason are not blind to whats going on. I admire her for making her stance.
Mak Apr 21, 2018 01:48pm
We Muslims stand United with you Natalie on this. Keep it up for the unflinching courage you have shown.
Tahir Apr 21, 2018 01:52pm
Truth will come out,, no matter what may come
Jamshed Bashir Apr 21, 2018 04:53pm
Admirable decision. Wonderful woman
manzer Apr 21, 2018 07:22pm
I salute her courage for standing up for her convictions in support of oppressed people.
Irtaza M. Awan Apr 21, 2018 11:24pm
If young Americans call spade a spade, Palestinians have a hope. But for that to happen first of all young American generation has to get rid of the corrupt political landscape of American politics dominated by big money, big business and heavily influenced by Jewish pressure groups. Not an easy task!
Jamshed Bashir Apr 22, 2018 01:11am
Admirable decision Miss Portman. Natenyahu is a disgrace
A Hameed Apr 22, 2018 01:34pm
Your stand is for justice