Muniba Mazari and Younis Khan prove that there's more to life than succumbing to societal pressures
Muniba Mazari and Younis Khan prove that there's more to life than succumbing to societal pressures

We recently spotted Muniba Mazari and Younis Khan in the Amreli Steels ad campaign and were impressed by their stories of defying societal conventions to achieve their life goals.

The ad shows us that we shouldn't accept every popular saying or proverb as true or definitive of life. Let's take a look:

1) Jitni chaadar, utnay pair phelao

(Be wary of your limitations before setting big goals in life)

Time and again, artist Muniba Mazari has taken to social media to narrate stories from the past where she was met with life events that could either make or break her. And she evidently chose the former.

In her words, after the car accident "half of my body was fractured and the rest paralysed. I neither complain nor blame anyone. I believe it was destined to happen. I was 20 years old at the time and had not done anything special in my life. Today, I know where I am going and my life is important to me."

Defying limitations, she adds, "If I lose hope around me, many people around me will lose hope."

2. Jitna uncha urogay utni zor se giro gay

(You fall as greatly as you soar)

Don't we all agree that Younis Khan, one of Pakistan's most celebrated batting greats, has far more to him than just a magnetic personality?

Khan persevered with a smile even after one of his greatest personal achievements led him to obstructed paths.

Younis Khan saw times when his superiors boycotted him indefinitely from the game he gave his life to. He believed in himself and gave his all to bag noteworthy wins for his dear motherland.

Who says you could only soar high to fall down again?

Amreli Steels celebrates spirits of resilience

In their latest campaign, Amreeli steels chooses the right celebs to recognize unwavering determination and fauladi (iron) spirit of the people of Pakistan.

The campaign makes use of powerful copy to create lasting impact on the audience.

Check it out here:

Do you think stories of resilience motivate you to steel up?

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Hadi Akberali, Chief Operating Officer Amreli Steels, says:” We firmly believe that our steel embodies resilience as some of the most iconic structures across the nation have been built with Amreli Steels and are standing tall and strong till today. Our corporate campaign was conceived with the objective of communicating a more holistic point of view on steel: Resilience. The challenge was to communicate our point of view in an emotional way so as to resonate well with our target market."

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