If you're looking for a place that offers Instagram-worthy desserts, then The Crave Bar should be on your list.

Located at Bukhari Commercial, this new dessert place opens at 4pm and can easily be recognised by the crowd outside and inside the tiny shop.

Currently, The Crave Bar is the only place in Karachi that offers donut cones (yea, the ones you see trending on Instagram drool) and Canada's famous BeaverTails.

We tried four things on their menu. Here's what we thought:

Nutella Sundae

With the Nutella Sundae you get what you ordered; a cup of soft serve vanilla ice cream topped with generous amounts of Nutella, which comes with a Nutella syringe (because, more chocolate is always good, right?).

At Rs200, the serving is quite huge and we had some fun injecting our ice cream with hazelnut chocolate-y goodness. It's pretty basic, but it's happiness in a cup. If you're in need of respite from Karachi's heat, this will do the trick.

Bieber Tales - Kinder Bueno

This Canadian dessert was invented by a chain called BeaverTails and is actually a fried dough pastry, individually hand stretched to resemble a beaver's tail - that's how it gets the name. But The Cravebar changed it to the last name of the Canadian singer.

The pastry is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, definitely a win. However, we weren't toally satisfied with the toppings: there was a blend of Kinder and Nutella spread on the pastry, and we could barely taste the former. Perhaps it's because we had already tried the soft serve in Nutella and were experiencing an overdose of that flavour, but we wish the Kinder flavour of the Beiber Tale was more pronounced.

Though it was light and crispy, compared to the other offerings, it was the most forgettable. We also wish it came with a scoop of ice cream on the side. The hot and cold pairing would've balanced it well together. At Rs250 though, it's not bad at all.

Funnel Cake - Strawberry

The Funnel Cake wasn't too bad but it needs a few improvements before it can hit the right spot. Let's talk about the positives first: the hot and cold combo of the cake and ice cream was perfect; and the funnel cake did not get soggy even though it was topped with ice cream.

Now, the negatives: we felt the cake was too egg-y, the after taste was a bit off. The ice cream was topped with strawberry jam, a big mistake, we hope they switch to real fruits and top it off with actual strawberries. Keep it seasonal if getting strawberries all year round is difficult.

Side note: we enjoyed the leftover Nutella with the Funnel cake; strawberries, chocolate and ice cream with the cake taste divine.

Donut Cone - Lotus

Then came the famous Donut Cone, we opted for the lotus flavour, because, duh!

Unfortunately, by the time we tried the Donut Cone, we were quite done with sugar. But still we feel it's fair criticism to say that we didn't enjoy the Donut Cone because it lacked the texture and doughiness of doughnuts. Instead, the cone was quite firm and needed effort to bite into. Also, save for the sugar coating, the cone didn't have any flavour of its own. And we were bored of the basic vanilla ice cream by this time, and we usually prefer vanilla ice cream as companions to our desserts!

Avoiding sugar? Or hoping to lose weight? You can forget about it when you set foot in The Cravebar.