Transgender rights activist Kami Sid has been making strides as a model and actor in recent years and the latest highlight of her career will be her short film Rani's upcoming premiere in the States!

The short film has been selected for screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival, which will run from April 26 to May 3 in Orange County. Rani will screen on April 30 as part of the 'A Short Moment of Decision' program.

While she won't be able to attend the premiere due to a prior engagement in Germany, Kami is, of course, ecstatic about the premiere:

"I feel so proud that my film has been selected and is premiering in America. People are appreciating it and the film's story is actually very good so I love that more people will get to see this wonderful work done by Pakistan," said Kami.

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She added, "Everyone needs to know how we're doing good work. Hopefully, people will love it and it'll be played in many more film festivals."

After breaking the barrier by becoming the first transgender model in Pakistan, Kami had been working on Rani since last year. The film revolves around a transgender woman finding an abandoned infant and becoming a mother while facing many obstacles.

Said Kami, "I started my work in this industry in 2016 as the first transgender model in Pakistan. Now there are many transgender models making it in the media industry, getting all sorts of work. I'm seeing society change for the better and everyone is starting to accept these changes in a very positive way. The transgender community is coming into the mainstream and we have many allies helping us."

More power to Kami!