What happens when two sisters are stifled in a conservative household and one decides that enough is enough? In upcoming drama serial Abgeenay, we're about to find out.

Actors Aiman Khan and Shahroz Sabzwari are coming together for this serial that promises a strong women's empowerment message with the usual love and heartbreak!

Speaking to Images, Aiman shares, "I play Feroza, who is the daughter of a very conservative father. She is the type who can't go out or meet her male cousins and even has a dupatta over her head at home. When her sister (Sonia Mishal) finds out that she's romantically involved with a man, she threatens the guy so much that he abandons Feroza. This experience ruins Feroza, who becomes spiteful and vindictive. When she decides to dive into a new career, it affects her relationship with her family."

She added, "It's about woman empowerment. I've never played a strong character like this. My character's elder sister is the stereotypical character who studies a lot and quietly listens to what everyone says about her while I'm not afraid to speak up."

Shahroz chips in, "The drama will show how a strict upbringing can have both positive and negative consequences."

Shahroze is playing a struggling actor and Feroza's cousin who is very much in love with her. About his character, he adds, "I'm a CT70 riding Karachi 'boi'. He's not a gunda (gangster) but the kind of londa who's out on the streets."

Shahroze switched up his look for the role:

According to Shehroze, his look befits his character because "boys from Gulshan and North Nazimabad have this sort of get-up so I grew out my hair to suit the style." Not sure that we agree with the generalisation, but we're glad that he's invested in his role.

Abgeenay will also feature Anoushey Abbasi, Imran Ashraf, Huma Nawab, Saba Faisal and new actor Asad Shan. It has been directed by Nadeem Siddiqui, written by Alif Allah Aur Insaan writer Qaisra Hayat and will air on Geo Entertainment.