Strings just treated us to the second track of their #30YearsofStrings album, and it's lulled us into this sweet sense of optimism as the weekend hits.

Titled 'Urr Jaoon', the song is accompanied by a video that marries the song's blithe undertones of freedom with scenes of child labour in a home, visuals shrouded in ignorance and shame. But it ends on a positive note, showing the little it takes to undo some of the damage and discrimination we tend to inflict on people less fortunate than us.

Speaking to Images about the song, vocalist Faisal Kapadia says, "'Urr Jaoon' is a very personal and emotional song. Where 'Sajni' was more uplifting and happy, 'Urr Jaoon' is deep and very emotional."

The video is also significant because it sees Strings reunite with filmmaker Jami, who was also the visionary behind the Durr, Dhaani and Anjaane videos.

"It's always a pleasure to work with Jami. He's a very emotional guy and his sensibilities match ours. That's why for this song specifically, we thought of Jami. He's a brilliant filmmaker and we've always loved working with him. It's always a magical experience," said Faisal.

What should we expect from future releases from the album? "With this album, we wanted to release every song individually with a video. Every song may have a different feel, every song will be different genre, so each song will feel like an album on its own, with its own artwork and all."

We can't wait to see what else Strings has in the pipeline and are so glad the band is back to making music.