Sara Bhatti is throwing shade at Mikaal Zulfiqar on social media and we're here for it

Sara Bhatti is throwing shade at Mikaal Zulfiqar on social media and we're here for it

Relationships are great... until they end and you can't help but drag your ex on Instagram. We feel you girl!
14 Mar, 2018

Relationships are good, relationships are great... until they end and leave us in a dark abyss, bitter and depressed.

Well, speak for yourselves because Sara Bhatti has bounced back fast!

A year after her divorce, Mikaal Zulfiqar's former wife is moving on and while she's clearly loving life while she's at it, she couldn't help but drag her famous ex juuuust a little on social media in the process. You know what they say: celebs, they're just like us!

In an Instagram post, the make-up artist turned actress spoke about some similarities, or lack thereof, she has with Ujala, the character she's playing in her ongoing drama, Silsilay.

One thing in particular stood out, like THE PART WHERE HER MAN GETS STOLEN!

As we sifted through her Instagram account, we realized this isn't a one-off post. Here's the subtle (okay, maybe not so subtle) art of shade brought to you by Ms. Bhatti.

This video for one, captioned: "When they steal your man...but your man can be stolen to begin with. I can’t even..."

Wait, there's more!

The mother of two also revealed that one of her four rules to "raise your hustle" is to "stay single until you find the one who shares your values and vision."

Also, this entire post dedicated to gaslighting hit close to home and had us feeling some kinda way!

But make no mistake, it's not like the woman's hung up on him. To quote, "When memories are replaced with new dreams that's when you've healed."

Admit it, we hate it when couples who dote over each other on social media completely go quiet after a break-up, giving us no explanation or closure after we invested likes and comments on their pictures. Not only did Sara announce her separation but she's also since taken us along on her journey of "detoxification".

Okay, so now who else wants her to be their love life therapist?

And more importantly, who also feels personally victimized by Mikaal Zulfiqar now?


N abidi Mar 15, 2018 12:32am
Women should learn that they are a complete person before the man, and after the men! Woman who have their own identity , know their male partner is not the only reason for their happiness in life! Happiness comes from with in you!
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maria Mar 15, 2018 10:16am
she needs to read the art of letting go.
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Salman Mar 15, 2018 01:17pm
what about the women who steal other women's men? they are never criticized. only shaming and bantering is for the all unfair man these!
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Rabia Mar 16, 2018 12:16am
I am always suspicious when one party over-shares. Perhaps the lady protests too much......
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