Coke Fest is off to a great start in Karachi

Updated Mar 11, 2018 12:54pm

The Coca Cola food and music festival kicked off on Friday and everyone loved it.

After its debut last year, CokeFest (as its known as) has finally made its way to Karachi.

With the festival traveling between cities, going from Lahore to Islamabad to now Karachi, Coke Fest claims to be the biggest festival in the nation. And we get it! With having preparations for around 40,000 foodies, they have their work done.

CokeFest has 95 food stalls that offer a diversity of flavours and cuisines. Stalls will include festival regulars like 2 guys one grill and fry guys along with restaurants like Heyday, Espresso, Mocca, Figaro Grill and The Waffle Cart.

As Coke Fest spokesperson Asad Sheikh says, “Food is the only common denominator between every culture and it’s the only thing that brings people together.”

On Friday, audiences enjoyed a concert by Asim Azhar and Fuzon and tonight on Day 2, they can enjoy performances by Strings, Zoe Viccaji, Quadrum, Sahir Ali Bagga and Wahaj Hanif.

Ali Sethi, Quadrum and Nabeel Shaukat will also be a part of CokeFest, taking part on the 3rd day.

According to organising partner Activemedia's CEO, Saad M. Khan, "This is the second season of Coca-Cola Food and Music Festival and we have already come a long way. Expanding to five cities with hundreds of food stalls and the biggest artists on stage, the festival is set to break all records."

The festival is going on till March 11 and tickets cost Rs400.