Model Areeba Habib is all set for her TV debut with Imran Abbas

Model Areeba Habib is all set for her TV debut with Imran Abbas

The model will also be playing younger sister to Ayeza Khan
08 Mar, 2018

Model Areeba Habib is gearing up for the next step in her career.

The model will be starring in upcoming IDream's drama Koi Chaand Rakh Meri Shaam Par, which will be her TV drama debut. Also, her debut will be alongside Imran Abbas.

Images got in touch with Areeba to find out more about the drama. While she couldn't reveal much, she described the 18-20 episode drama as a love story "where there is a bit of a love triangle scenario but we do end up together, not without struggles of course."

"I really like the story and I think it's perfect for my debut as it gives me enough margin to prove to people that I'm not just a model and can handle acting," said Areeba.

About her character, the model said, "My character in this drama is a very lively happy girl, the kind that lives in her own world. She's from a well-off family and gets whatever she wants but she's also independent and her parents let her make her own choices. She's known to be very beautiful and everyone around her is always saying it."

Areeba also let us know that Ayeza Khan will play her older sister, and that she is lovely to work with.

"We just started so I can't say much about my experience working in TV. I'm excited though, and nervous! I've said no to so many film and TV projects in the past two years so I really want to do my best in this drama to prove my choice was correct. I am having fun so far though."

Does this mean Areeba is making the switch from model to actor?

"I'm not giving up modelling! I want to continue to do both. Even now, I just got a break from shooting the drama so I'm going to head out to Lahore for fashion week," said Areeba.

There is no official release date for Koi Chaand Rakh Meri Shaam Par but Areeba expects that the show will air on ARY around April-May.