Ponds Miracle Journey is all prepped to mentor young women and turn their struggles to strength this year.
Ponds Miracle Journey is all prepped to mentor young women and turn their struggles to strength this year.

Every year Pond's Miracle Journey comes up with newer ways to recognise the efforts, courage and strengths of Pakistani women in all spheres life.

This year, the journey takes a look at the lives of different celebrities - artists, chefs, actors, singers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs - and tells us how each of these celebrated women have realised their dreams.

Pond's is also enabling 330 of its mentors to pick younger women who they believe are miracles in the making. These young women will be able to seek advice and guidance on business ideas and learn from women who have successfully turned their struggles to strengths.

Here's a glimpse of what Pond's miracle celebs have to say to you this Women's Day:

Women do so much and are rarely acknowledged for the million different roles they juggle every day. Here are a few motivational notes we've made out of the campaign this year:

1. Women manage miracles and do so with finesse

Our miracles are not limited to bringing and nurturing life in this world. Women know best how to balance their limited opportunities in infinite ways to create a sound future for themselves and everyone around us.

2. Women make the hardest struggles look easy

Our lives may be generously peppered with difficulties and hurdles, but we know there's nothing stopping us from reaching our goals.

3. Women are dreamers with a plan

It is never easy to dream, target and achieve goals in life. But, women are born with the ability to fight everything that dims their shine. We are dreamers with a plan. We're go-getters.

About Pond's Miracle Journey

Pond’s Miracle Journey is a mentoring platform for women which is now entering its fifth year. This year the Journey seeks younger women who'd be paired up with past Miracle women so they benefit from their enriching experiences and success stories.

For more information on this year's Pond's Miracle Journey, sign-ups, mentors and past campaigns, head over to Pond's official facebook page and website.

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