Armeena Khan has been under fire on Twitter today only because she suggested that periods aren't a big deal.

In her tweet, Armeena was referring to Pakistan's rumoured ban on Akshay Kumar's PadMan, which is based on the life of Indian hero Arunachalam Muruganantham who invented a low-cost pads to help women maintain hygiene during their periods.

Some of her Twitter followers disagree with her stance on the issue, saying that the film broaches a taboo topic that didn't need to be openly discussed. To this, Armeena had the following to say:

Some insisted periods are considered taboo because they could bring up awkward conversations with children. (Go figure.)

Others asked that if periods are a non-issue, why is there a film being made about it? Don't worry, Armeena had an answer to that too:

One argued that Pakistani society simply may not be ready for a film that openly discussed periods and Armeena partly agreed:

Some of the attacks on Armeena were quite vicious but she assured her trolls that she has plenty of support too:

Her final take on the issue is:

Let's hope this is the last explanation Armeena has to offer.