Pemra issues notice to TV channels for monitoring of morning show content

Pemra issues notice to TV channels for monitoring of morning show content

The notice said "Some items of different channels clearly fall within the definition of obscenity/pornography"
Updated 30 Jan, 2018

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has issued a notice to all satellite TC channels, which comprises directives from the Islamabad High Court regarding the regulation of morning shows' content.

The notice, which is shared on Pemra's social media accounts, reads, "There are serious complaints which [are] a matter of great concern for all the families that different channels through morning shows are involved in such activities which [are] against the decency, morality, values of Islam and cultural heritage of Pakistan."

Without specifying the names of the offending morning shows, the notice further states, "Some items of different channels clearly fall within the definition of obscenity/pornography, therefore, PEMRA is directed to submit report in this regard and take immediate steps to prevent telecast of such contents and if any channel fails to [follow] the instructions, penal action may be taken against the channel."

The notice states that all satellite TV channels are responsible for ensuring that the content of morning shows and other programmes follow Electronic Media (Programmes and Advertisements) Code of Conduct 2015 and other PEMRA laws.

Furthermore, the notice states that the Islamabad High Court has directed that all satellite TV channels to dedicate 10% of their airtime to public service messages.

The notice warns that non-compliance will lead to prosecution under Pemra laws.

Morning shows have drawn criticism often in the past; just recently, Sahir Lodhi came under fire for having children inappropriately dancing to item songs on his show.


Pakistan_Zindabad Jan 30, 2018 05:56pm
The action should had been taken long time ago, however, it is still not too late, as long as, all private TV channels are monitored stringently and independently without any influence or pressure from elite and political figures.
Sajjad Jan 30, 2018 06:42pm
Instead ban all morning shows its curse for the society.
Observer#1 Jan 30, 2018 06:53pm
It’s interesting that as elections are getting closer these institutions are awaking from their sleep.
M Rafay Jan 30, 2018 07:05pm
@Sajjad No banning will upset the audience. And some morning shows are responsible for awareness of many things which is good
Ahsan Gul Jan 30, 2018 07:24pm
Not all but a few need to be served notices or shut down. These shows a part of media can build or destroy morality and decency in society. These guys are from influential families and most of the time get carried away with their thought process and inadvertently hurt audience. Bottom line they must adhere to rules or shut them down.
Thoroughthinker Jan 30, 2018 07:29pm
Morning shows are meant strictly to entertain house ladies. There they must be decent and educative about the daily life matters of women.
Kashif abbasi Jan 30, 2018 08:48pm
In all morning shows i come across while preparing for my office, either there is a shaadi scene, a saas bahu spat or a dance item. Obviously morning shows primarily target female market and so the content contain the masala of their choice. But obviously if we want to improve as a society... we need to educate the masses as well and that means feeding the minds with positivity rather than these petty issues.
Khalid iqbal Jan 31, 2018 03:04am
It is very important that the media of television be used for public service, matters related to health and hygiene be Given importance, especially in Pakistan . Simple problems of health , such as diabetes and hypertension be discussed , so that the masses can benefit.
Taha Hafiz Jan 31, 2018 08:00am
Better Late Than Never!
SM Jan 31, 2018 08:37am
Just wait and see what happens. Right, absolutely nothing. PEMRA's notices will be thrown in the garbage thanks to the judicial protection that shamelessness on electronic media enjoys. Channel owners will go running to the judge of their choice who will dutifully issue a stay order and that'll be the end of it. I have wondered why nobody brings up the role of our judiciary in promoting this vice in our society. There are over 500 stay orders issued by various courts against PEMRA's enforcement actions. Then the judges have the gall to summon PEMRA functionaries and government officials to the court only to lecture them about morality and decency. If we want clean programming, let us start by shaming the judiciary and holding them accountable. As long as they protect media channels and owners, PEMRA will not be able to enforce the law.
mykhan Jan 31, 2018 09:21am
Morning shows are the complete waste of time. as they serve no purpose apart from hogging the attention of women. Women are becoming obese due to excessive time spent on tele on daily basis. TV shows are unhealthy for them and children at home
Rashid Jan 31, 2018 09:53am
All such morning shows should be banned permanently.
Hameed A Sheikh Jan 31, 2018 10:41am
Pemra should keep constant eye of these channels showing morning shows.There are many channels who are just showing programs with only motive of attractive people without moral standard. especially there is one morning show hosted by a female who is 4 feet high and 4 feet wide woman and still she thinks she can host this show very successfully. She tries to attract people by bringing in some of guests who are morally sub standard and can not come on other channels.Such programs should be banned altogether to bring these prograams under control.
kayan Jan 31, 2018 11:20am
proper punishment system needs to be introduced ... is it a joke just ban and let them go???
WAQAS NASEER Jan 31, 2018 01:28pm
morning shows are especially for women's, means they are teachers to these women. so it should should cover the house keeping issues with great focus rather than showing obscenities in the name of entertainment.
MA Feb 01, 2018 09:53am
These so called morning shows, getting 5-8 years teens to dance on the show floor with mini skirts. what are we teaching the nation . ban them all.